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I think I’m having another first world problem ):

There are so much jam-packed in zero week and I need to find time to set up times to meet up with people I want to buy books from and interviews. EXCEPT I don’t know when I will be free or when I want to be free with so many activities to choose from and I don’t wanna be lonely either. I need to make myself a schedule or something because this is too much in a good and bad way. There’s too much information online T____T

How can any incoming student take it all in sigh!!!


Tony Chen


I’m probably having this problem because I don’t want to miss a thing. Well that’s not really possible, but I want to make sure I take advantage of everything that is offered.

What did I get myself into?!

So it kind of sinks in now how much I need to work for my first class at UCLA which was highly recommended by counselors not to take. BUT I knew what I was getting myself into when I decided to go to college and I know it won’t be easy but why not get it over with and then my major will be decided if I do well in this class or not :3 And also cause my friends told me to ignore what the counselors say as usual.

Besides, don’t people work super hard their first quarter and it all goes downhill and back up again so I hope I do my best!

You usually shouldn’t trust what you read online, but it everyone (as in a LOT of people and not everyone a select few) have similar comments, I believe it’s safe to trust what they say.

I’m in for a fun quarter now that I see the HUMONGOUS list of memorization that is necessary, not to mention competing with some of the most brilliant people ever =/

3 books for one class yup… fun.

And I cannot wait for school to start for reasons not this. (:

Tony Chen


The moment

I send an email and then realize a mistake but it is too late to fix it T____T and now I look hypocritical in what I said in my cover letter…

I don’t know which gender the interviewer is so I cannot address them by their surname =/

hate applying for stuff =/

Tony Chen 



  • Britain: Excuse Me
  • Mexico: Perdon
  • Italy: Permesso
  • France: Pardon
  • Canada: Sorry
  • America: Get the fuck out of my way douchedick